Meditation & Kesehatan

Aim to control or retrain attention. Two general categories.
1. Concentration Techniques – focusing on a visual image, your breathing, a word or phrase. Often a mantra is repeated mentally.
2. Opening-up Techniques – Present-centered awareness of the passing moment, without mental judgment.
-concentrate on the here and now without distractive thoughts.
-Zazen or ‘just sitting’ techniques of Buddhism is a form of this.

Effects of Meditation
-Most use Transcendental Meditation (TM)- Concentrate meditation that does not require any lifestyle changes and follows a simple format.
Sit with eyes closed and say a mantra over an over in their mind allowing distracting thoughts to fall away.
-People experience a lowering of psychological arousal by lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and changes in to alpha-brain-waves similar to the state of drowsiness that precedes stage 1 sleep.
-SPECT scans show increased blood flow to both frontal lobe during meditation. Frontal lobes are involved in attention focusing tasks and parietal lobes are involved in visual-spatial tasks, which are not needed in meditation.

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